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Anthony Taylor Realty is seeking experienced and new real estate agents. Please send résumé to topbrokeranthony@gmail.com. Call 281-948-8839 for more information.











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Anthony Taylor Realty thrives on satisfying its buyers, renters and sellers. Satisfied clients share their experiences with Anthony Taylor Realty.

"I thought it was impossible to make my dream come true after dealing with lots of issues and frustration. Anthony Taylor Realty helped to make my dreams a reality and fought and got me into a home." - R. Lee

"I chose my builder and Broker Anthony Taylor assisted me without any problems. He had so much knowledge about the industry. I felt he was my personal dictionary in real estate." - B. Jones

"Broker Anthony Taylor was beneficial. He prepared us for the process by telling us everything needed to get our home and we were quickly approved." - J. Anderson




Anthony Taylor Realty  16142 Canaridge  Houston, TX 77053    PHONE: 281-948-8839    Email: topbrokeranthony@gmail.com  

Anthony Taylor Realty is a licensed broker by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

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